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The Ultimate Computer Security System ?

A secure Authentication solution that is easy to use, yet impossible to crack.
The developer of a new proprietary (Patent Pending) user authentication system is seeking an active corporate Licencee to implement marketing of this system to corporations and personal users.  This authentication system has a broad range of application in mobile and desktop platforms, for secure Login authentication in local and web-based applications.


Security is a hot issue, given the risks to personal information stored on smartphones, laptops and corporate computer systems. Wouldn't it be nice to have a more secure way to authenticate users accessing your system?
Long passwords are hard
to remember....
The only way to remember them is to write them down, thus compromizing their security.
You could try to avoid losing the password by using common means:
writing it in a secret booklet; you even tried using a password manager...but you may forget the password needed to unlock the password manager...

Such methods do not work because conventional alphanumeric passwords are not strong enough to deter hackers. The only way to defeat the hacker or man-in-the-middle is to provide a login systen that is virtually impossible for unauthorized users to crack. Such a login systen must also give the authenticated user quick and easy access to the proprietary data or system without compromizing its integrity.

Here is a new, more secure way to authenticate users of websites, mobile phone or database, replacing 2-factor authorization and strong alphanumeric passwords.

According to the developer, this is the most secure authentication system ever created, yet the easiest to use.
It is a proprietary system available for licensing to a security software company. Enquiries from active corporations or their authorized representatives are welcomed. (No NPE's please)

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